Ghostbusters 2016


Ghostbusters 3 languished in development purgatory for decades. Many said that it could never be done, but few predicted just how controversial it would be when it finally surfaced.

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2016 Hugo Reviews: Novellas


My latest round of Hugo reviews can be read at Women Write About Comics. This time the subjects are brains in jars, revenge in space, exploding woodland animals, demonic possession and jellyfish-oriented Afrofuturism…

KotakuInAction: where reading comprehension goes to die


You know, if you’re going to join a campaign for journalistic reform, then it would help if you were able to actually read a blog post before passing judgment. But alas, it appears that a good chunk of Gamergate fails to meet this rather low bar.

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2016 Hugo Reviews: Novelettes


My second article on the 2016 Hugo prose fiction finalists is up at Women Write About Comics.

Last time, I covered stories about cat photographs, biological warfare, killer starfish, gay dinosaurs and John Scalzi; this time around, the topics are spunky cyberpunks, spacefaring samurai, virtual reality, pop-up cities and ethics in murder journalism.

The above illustration, incidentally, is by Galen Dara and accompanies Brooke Bolander’s story “And You Shall Know Her By The Trail Of Dead”.