Midnight Widows Progress Report: May 2019

Time for another update on the shape of Midnight Widows, the comic I’m putting together with my lovely artistic team. The last time I posted an update, my pre-crowdfund to-do list was down to five items; now, it’s been whittled away to just three. Rather tidily, each of those three tasks has fallen to a different person; my job is to finish off the promotional film.

While I’m hesitant to make any promises right now, it is quite possible that the crowdfunding campaign will launch this month.

Until then, here’s a sneak peek from issue 2. Pencils by Marcela Hauptvogelova, colours by Jio Butler, inks and script by myself…

Page 3 issue 2



Clare Winger Harris and the 16 Main SF Themes (circa 1931)

The August 1931 edition of Hugo Gernsback’s Wonder Stories has a letter from author Clare Winger Harris where, after some comments on the science fiction films (or lack thereof) existing at the time, she identifies what she believes to be the 16 main categories of science fiction:

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How I Spent April 2019


Winter is finally fading away as we approach the final British springtime of the decade, and fittingly, April was a month of transition for me: I spent a good chunk of it getting ready for things that’ll be happening in May.

For a start, my book on The Mummy is scheduled to be published at the end of May, so that’s something for me to look forward to. I’m still gearing up for the Midnight Widows crowdfunding campaign, and May is still looking to be a viable date. I’ve also had a short story accepted for an anthology, but I won’t be able to go into detail until the formal announcement in — yes — May.

So, I’m pretty eager to see May roll around. As for April, well, I got a few things done…

Articles of mine published elsewhere this month:

Article topics for May and beyond:



On Amazing Stories issue 25


The latest post in my Amazing Stories retrospective is now live; this time I’m looking at the April 1928 issue, which includes a rather marvellous story called “The Yeast Men” (a fitting alternate title would be… DOUGHLEMS).

This issue marks the magazine’s second anniversary; I’ve now covered two whole years of this pioneering publication, and two thirds of Hugo Gernsback’s run as editor. Bit of a milestone…