2019 Hugo Novellas, Part 2


Carrying on with my 2019 Hugo Award reviews for WWAC, here are three more novellas! Join me as I hang out with cyborgs, sapient spaceships, and a one-legged blimp pilot from Trinidad…


The House of Eddas: Thor vs. Chairman Mao in Journey Into Mystery #93


It’s time for another trip into the history of Marvel’s Thor. This time I’m looking at Journey into Mystery #93, with a story entitled “The Mysterious Radio-Active Man!” Stan Lee and R. Berns are still on writing duty, while Jack Kirby has returned as penciller with Dick Ayers on inks. Also deserving of credit is the issue’s special guest: Chairman Mao!

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2019 Splatterpunk Awards: Reviewing the Anthologies

SplattyIt’s that time of the week again!

Continuing my series of guest posts for Horror After Dark where I review the finalists for this year’s Splatterpunk Awards, here’s my take on the Best Anthology category. If you’re new to the series, you can also check out my reviews of Best Short Story, Best Novella and Best Collection.

Once again, since the Splatterpunk Awards celebrate extreme horror and bad taste bizarro, I should slap a hefty content warning on the entire series.

2019 Splatterpunk Awards: Reviewing the Collections


My five-part blog series for Horror Afrer Dark where I review every finalist for the 2019 Splatterpunk Awards has a new instalment up! This time round I’m looking at the category for single-author collections. The finalists are an interesting mix, ranging from the macabre to the goofy.

The subject matter’s pretty graphic again (it’s an award for extreme horror, after all) so content warnings ahoy.