Horror Puppies

Scrappy Dappy Doo

The Sad and Rabid Puppies campaigns have not shown a tremendous degree of interest in horror fiction. In his podcast, Brian Keene has commented (with clear thankfulness) that the culture wars have largely left horror behind, with writers in the genre getting along despite differences of political opinion.

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The Final Fantasy-Jorge Luis Borges Connection

Final Fantasy meets Borges

When I was a teenager, I tried to play through all of the Final Fantasy games in order – although I have to admit, I never did finish Final Fantasy VIII. Still, I battled my fair share of pixelated beasties, and I often wondered exactly where those imaginary creatures originated.

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Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

I wanted to like Suicide Squad. And, indeed, I liked parts of it. But it had one glaring, inescapable flaw: the plot was a mess. I’ve gone into a bit more detail over at my Women Write About Comics review.

The film was commercial success and Suicide Squad 2 seems an inevitability. Sequels that improve upon the originals are scarcely unheard of amongst superhero films — Superman 2, Spider-Man 2, Captain America: Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, Iron Man 3, The Dark Knight, X-Men 2, X-Men First Class — so perhaps next time we see them, the Squad will have their act together.

We can hope, at least…